Online Researcher Visibility

This guide presents the tools that are available to measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of research; as well as how to track researcher impact.

Why set up a Researcher Profile?

The main reason for setting up a profile is as a way to have all your publications listed in the one place. This makes it easy for others to easily identify your work. It is also useful for author disambiguation purposes – different databases display author names differently, and if you have a common name it can be difficult for others to easily identify your work. The tools listed on this page allow you to create a profile with a unique identifier that you can use to identify your output. It is important to note, however, that you do need to keep them up-to-date yourself and ensure that all your publications are included.

Additional Tools to set up your Researcher Profile

There are several tools you can use to promote your research. Below is a list of some of them. This page gives more information on each tool:

Overview of Research Metrics
Journal Impact Factor •Author Impact (h-index)
Researcher Profile & Alternative Metrics


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