Research Data Management

This guide provides information on processes, procedures and policies with regards to Research Data Management.


“Data”, or “Research data” are regarded as the primary unit of any research enquiry. Data are collected to identify patterns in the field that support a particular theory or hypothesis. Data can be collected using a variety of methods and can take a wide variety of formats. Quantitative data may be numerical such as temperature taking over a specified period of time. Quantitative data can be a series of field notes, anecdotes or photographs concerning particular events or experiments.

While data may have been collected to address a particular research question, it may also answer different questions or prompt the new questions for further research, either in the same field or a completely different one.

While research projects have their own lifespan, research data can have a life beyond that of the project it was collected for. Managing your research data during collection, storage, analysis, publication and making provision for access to it after the conclusion of your project is crucial to the scientific community.

UWC Data Repositories

Kikapu – UWC Research Data Repository

Zenodo – UWC Community


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